How to Survive in the Wilderness

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For many, it's a nightmare come true: Finding yourself stranded in the middle of the wilderness. Between lacking shelter, food, a GPS and phone reception, and the debunked myth that moss always grows on the north side of the tree, the experience may seem more stressful than ideal. Since you're (probably) not Bear Grylls, this playlist will show you where to look for natural water springs so you don't resort to drinking your own urine

, since it's been proven that

urine isn't sterile after all.

So how then could someone keep hydrated? And if you find food, how do you keep it away from the paws of unwelcome critters? Check out these videos to explore these answers and more. And while survival skills may not seem applicable to you at the moment, better safe than sorry.

Share the knowledge!

Share the knowledge!

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