How To Grow Wine Grapes For Great Taste

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The many conditions that influence the growth and flavor of a wine grape are encompassed in the term "terroir." Top winemakers pay close attention to terroir, knowing that something as subtle as weather differences from year to year can dramatically affect the taste of their wine. Some of the factors, such as humidity and elevation, can't be controlled. Others, such as the grape's time on the vine, are carefully adjusted by the winemaker.

Where Are The Best Places To Grow Wine?

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The term "terroir" refers to all of the conditions in which grapes are grown that influence the taste of a wine. 00:29

  2. Wine grapes are mostly grown between 30 and 50 degrees latitude on both sides of the equator. 06:38

  3. Wine flavors can change from year to year due to weather conditions, with hot weather resulting in fruitier flavors and cold weather causing more tannic wines. 09:09

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