How to Draw Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

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There are hundreds of different types of cartoons around the world. From distinct show styles like that of "The Simpsons" or "Charlie Brown" to genres like manga and anime, diverse illustrations come to life everyday. The word cartoon dates back to the 1670s to broadly describe the draft stages of art. The meaning has evolved over time to also include print, animated and 3D platforms. For many, growing up with Saturday morning cartoons was a rite of passage that helped define the simpler times of a generation. We have cartoons to thank for widening children's vocabulary to include "Yabba-dabba-do!" and "D'oh!"

So how do these sketchings come to life? What are the mathematical properties behind creating a lovable cartoon character? This playlist helps boil down the process into cartoon-drawings most basic parts, starting with some of the most popular characters out there.

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