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How To Convince Others To Do What You Want

Lynne Franklin, author of "Getting Others To Do What You Want," explains the psychology of persuasion on this episode of the Curiosity Podcast. As a consultant to executives and teams on persuasive communication, she studies how the brain affects our choices and behavior to help people solve their problems and get what they want.

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Convince Me

Lynne Franklin discusses:

  • The traditional VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) model.
  • The "Persuasion Cycle" and how it can help you convince someone to listen to you, even if that person is initially resistant.
  • Why some people have a hard time remembering names, and a trick for remembering a person's name when you've just met.
  • What causes buyer's remorse and how to avoid letting it happen to you.

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11 Secrets of the World's Most Persuasive Speakers

Written by Cody Gough November 28, 2017

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