How to Block Unwanted Robocalls For Good


Remember the good old days, when an unknown caller would pop up on your phone — and you'd still pick up? Those days are long past, because you, like most people, suffer from robocalls.

Not sure what a robocall is? Quite simply, a robocall is a phone call with a prerecorded message (usually the annoying, telemarketing kind). The number of these calls has spiked because technology has advanced to the point where it's easy for companies to make calls from anywhere in the world and hide their identities — in fact, robocallers display fake Caller ID information, making their victims more inclined to pick up the phone.

Robocalling programs can feel despairingly unstoppable. These advanced automatic dialing systems make it possible for the person setting it up to put it into place and just let it run — then the program goes to work, calling mobile phones, landlines, businesses and any other phone number they can pull, either from massive databases compiled from specific search terminology or leaked databases of personal information.

And forget about the federal Do Not Call Registry — robocallers can dodge the penalties, thanks to the way they fake Caller ID information. They can even make it seem like they're calling from a local number, a legitimate government office or even your employer's main office.

Robocallers are incentivized to work, despite the number of folks who do screen their calls — because simply put, they're profitable. While each call costs only a fraction of a cent to execute, it only takes a gullible few for the operation to net millions of dollars.

So how do you stop robocalls? Check out Call Control Premium — this one-year subscription uses a repository of both community reports and do not call complaints to block thousands of spam and unwanted calls/text messages. They also use a personal call and SMS blacklist to keep scammers at arm's length — so you don't have to do the legwork of screening your own calls, and you can stop your phone from ringing at all hours of the day.

Usually Call Control Premium is $29.99, but you can get it here for $19.99.

Written by StackCommerce March 5, 2019