How The Five Weirdest U.S. State Borders Were Created

If you glance at the American borders, you'll notice a few outliers. Due to natural disasters, a few land disputes, and trades, a few state borders are downright random. In the following video, learn how The Kentucky Bend; Carter Lake, Iowa; Liberty and Ellis Islands, New York; Michigan's Upper Peninsula; and Northwest Angle, Minnesota were decided upon. Then, learn some more quirky facts about states.

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The Five Weirdest State Borders

Stateless People Aren't Actual People In The Eyes Of The Law

Key Facts In This Video

  1. A stateless person is someone who does not have a single nation that recognizes them as a citizen. 00:28

  2. An estimated 12 million people worldwide are stateless. 00:58

Written by Curiosity Staff March 10, 2017

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