How Much Would You Weigh On Each Planet?

Your weight would be very different on the other planets in the solar system due to the effects of gravity.

Why It Happens

Let's pretend that we live in some fantastical universe where you could transport yourself to different worlds in the solar system. (Oh, let's also imagine you wouldn't die immediately once you landed on most of 'em.) In this universe, you'd be able to feel the wild differences in weight changes at each stop on your journey through space.

No matter where you flew, your mass would always stay the same. The reason your weight would fluctuate is gravity. Weight is the force gravity exerts on an object due to its mass. So as the mass of a planet changes, the gravity will change, thus changing your weight too. Shoutout to Newton's law of universal gravitation!

Using some Newtonian math, we can figure out how much you'd weigh on each planet in our solar system, plus the moon, sun, and Pluto (nope, still not a planet). Let's take the sun as an example, since its hefty mass makes it a fun one. The sun's gravitational factor relative to the Earth (more on the specifics of that here) is 27.9. Just multiply that number by your weight, and voila! You have what your weight would be on the sun, assuming you're not instantly vaporized in our fantastical world of pretend.

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Why It's Relevant

Knowing how much you'd weigh on the sun is just fun and silly. But when we're talking about the moon or Mars, there are more important implications. The prospect of the colonizing the moon is getting more real by the minute, as is sending an astronaut to Mars. How much would you weigh on the Red Planet?

How Much Would You Weigh On Other Planets?

Find out exactly how to work the numbers out.

Mass And Weight On Other Planets

Let's put some math to work, huh?

Written by Curiosity Staff December 19, 2016

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