How Mixmax Can Save a Full Day's Worth of Work in One Tool


Many of us who constantly look for ways to be more productive at work are understandably skeptical of the many hacks routinely suggested by so-called productivity experts: Make a to-do list. Complete your most difficult task first. Add something red to your workspace (yes, really).

Can such small changes to your workday actually have a big impact on your efficiency? Maybe.

However, it might be smarter — and even more efficient — to consider using a powerful tool like Mixmax that's been proven to make employees up to 10 times more productive. Mixmax is a gmail-based productivity application that adds features to Gmail and tightly integrates with several applications (including Salesforce, Dropbox, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator) to maximize your time and your output. Mixmax has a Chrome extension that adds a dialer, task management, access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and access to Salesforce (including editing records in Salesforce directly from Gmail) to Gmail. In addition, Mixmax has powerful workflow automation to automate manual tasks and more you as an individual (or your team) closer to operational excellence.

See how this one, easy-to-use tool can save you a full day's worth of work — then give it a try today, for free!

Never write the same email more than once. How many times a week do you type the exact same email message over and over again? Whether you're sending the same pitch to multiple clients or providing routine support instructions to customers needing assistance, Mixmax can help you break the tedium cycle by allowing you to create, save, and edit email templates. So, all that time you spent writing emails from scratch? It can now be put towards more productive tasks.

Save time with Sequences. If your company relies on drip campaigns — emails repeatedly sent over longer periods of time — to reach out to and acquire customers, then Mixmax's Sequences feature could be a huge timesaver. It not only enables you to create bulk campaigns and automatically follow-up based on certain pre-set triggers, but it also — thanks to "recommended send time" capabilities — gets the emails in front of leads at precisely the moment. Plus, you have the option to tailor messages at each stage and add personal touches.

Enhance email engagement (without a ton of extra effort). And speaking of personal touches, you can use Mixmax to embed videos, survey, polls, and other items you think your recipients will find interesting with the aim of increasing the response rate (and, hopefully, driving conversions!).

Immediately respond to inbound leads. Online sales leads have a very short life. In fact, research shows you're 100 times more likely to make contact with a lead if you reach out within five minutes versus 30 minutes. Sure, five minutes sounds ambitious — but it's completely possible with Mixmax, which allows you to send an automated, yet personal response as soon as a potential customer interacts with your website.

Instantly schedule meetings. Now that you've made contact with a lead, it's time to schedule a meeting — that is, if you can find a time that works for both parties. Again, Mixmax to the rescue! It integrates with Google Calendar and allows you to quickly and easily share your availability. Once the recipient choose a time slot, it automatically appears in your calendar — like magic!

Automate workflows. Use Mixmax's Rules feature to leverage the applications you're already using (think: Slack, Pipedrive, DocuSign and others) and quickly automate many of the tasks you perform manually each day, multiples times a day. For example, here's a smart way recruiters can sync Mixmax and Greenhouse: When a job applicant books time on your calendar for an interview, create a task after the meeting occurs to complete a Scorecard in Greenhouse and track your impressions. Or if you're in sales you can automatically send an email with a Linkedin connection request if your recipient opens your email 'X' times.

When it comes to boosting productivity at work, sometimes random hacks simply won't cut it. Considering a robust and user-friendly tool like Mixmax could make all the difference. Put that on your to-do list!

Written by StackCommerce May 8, 2019