Mind & Body

How Meditation Changes Your Brain

An estimated 18 million adults practice meditation. But why? Though it's long been considered a spiritual practice, meditation has very real effects on your brain. In fact, research suggests it can improve your ability to process information, improve blood flow to the brain, and even reverse the effects that aging has on the brain. Give it a try for only a few minutes a day, and you may see -- and feel -- a real difference.

Your Brain on Meditation

We know meditation helps your spirit, but here's how it affects your brain.

Meditation Improves Your Focus

How practicing meditation can enhance your ability to pay attention.

The Best Kind of Meditation?

There are plenty of types of meditation, and each has a different effect. So which one is best for you?

Practice Meditation on Your Own

Use this relaxing video to kick off your meditation practice.

Written by Curiosity Staff August 19, 2016

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