How Many Animals Have You Eaten?

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If you're a meat-eater, recent studies estimate you'll eat 7,000 animals in your lifetime. The estimation of animals eaten by an average meat-eater in a year came from Vegetarian Calculator, which considered the average amount of meat consumed over a lifespan of 80 years. In those 80 years, meat eater will have eaten roughly 80 turkeys, 27 pigs, and 30 sheep. The number doesn't take into account more obscure game meats, such as venison, but it does include fish, prawns, and squid.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. If you eat meat, the Vegetarian Calculator estimates that you will consume about 7,000 animals in your lifetime. 00:00

  2. The Vegetarian Calculator predicts that the average omnivore will consume about 80 turkeys over an 80-year lifespan. 00:13

  3. Cattle are among the top contributors to global warming. 00:45

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