How Geneticists Are Recreating Extinct Smells

If you've ever wondered what the world smelled like centuries ago, scientists are currently working on unearthing flowers from the Ice Age. Vintage candle scents, anyone? To understand how researchers are able to bring back these ancient floral aromas, you first need to know how smells work. How are essential oils extracted from roses for perfume, for example? Watch the following video to learn more about smells and how scientists can recreate them using genetically modified yeast.

Stop And Smell The Ice Age Roses

We can recreate scents without living specimans as long as we have their DNA. Pretty cool, huh?

How Many Smells Can You Smell?

Compared to the spectrum of smell, our tastebuds are crude.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Smelling is an essential part of your genes. 00:42

  2. People rate memories triggered by smell as more emotional than by sight or sound. 02:17

  3. Smells can occur in the womb before we're born. 02:41

Written by Curiosity Staff December 20, 2016

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