How Fast Are You Moving Through The Universe?

Even though we're spinning with the Earth at about .5 kilometers (.3 miles) per second, we don't feel it because of momentum. Speed is relative, which is why we aren't thrown back against the car seats when we drive super fast. The speed at which Earth spins does create a slight force that pushes us away from the ground, but it's only 0.3% the force of gravity, so we remain firmly rooted.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. As the Earth rotates, the Equator moves the fastest while the poles move the slowest. 01:06

  2. The Milky Way Galaxy is headed toward the Andromeda Galaxy at approximately 405,500 kph (252,000 mph). 02:40

  3. Here's a breakdown of humanity's celestial speed: 03:58

Written by Curiosity Staff January 13, 2015

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