How Fast Are Humans Destroying The World's Forests?

How Fast Are Humans Destroying The World's Forests?

Every year, up to 58 million square miles of forest are wiped from the Earth. That's the equivalent of 48 football fields every minute. Deforestation affects all of the world's organisms, from the 80% of terrestrial organisms that live in forests to the farmers near them who hope for rainfall. Trees are even a reliable defense against climate change, as they remove carbon from the air. Deforestation, meanwhile, has the opposite effect: it's estimated that it causes around 15% of greenhouse gas emissions.


from It's Okay To Be Smart

Key Facts In This Video

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    80% of terrestrial species live in trees, and 1.6 billion people rely on forests for their livelihood. (1:23)

  • 2

    A 2015 study estimated that there are 3 trillion trees on Earth, which is around 420 trees for every human. (2:19)

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    Fewer trees could lead to less rain. (3:18)

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