How Does Jeopardy Come Up With Its Clues?

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The clue: This game show's theme song is already playing in your head. The question: What is Jeopardy? But when it comes to the real clues and questions, where do the writers come up with them? It's a fine-tuned process that's been going on for three decades, so they've obviously got it down pat—but there are some challenges, like "pinning" a question, that aren't immediately obvious to the casual viewer. Find out more below, then keep scrolling for our favorite weird facts about games.

How "Jeopardy" Writers Come Up With The Clues

The Monty Hall Problem

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Monty Hall problem is named after the host of the gameshow "Let's Make a Deal." 00:03

  2. The Monty Hall problem states that, given three doors with a prize behind one of them, you should always switch doors from your initial pick once you're shown a door that doesn't have the prize behind it. 01:49

  3. Watch a helpful visualization of the Monty Hall problem that involves 100 instead of 3 doors: 03:14

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