How Does Curiosity Fuel Learning?

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Think about your life's passion, and the fulfillment you feel when submerged in your deepest interests. The desire to learn is an adventure that can only be quelled by satisfying your curiosity with knowledge. But how does inquisitiveness ignite the learner in us? It's similar to a Mobius band, an infinitely-changing geometrical entity limited in shape only by its own imagination. Just as the Mobius strip is enclosed and unending with malleable properties, the brain, too, is wired to ingest, process and apply information. Think of the brain as a muscle, and curiosity as a barbell: Every time you ask questions, you strengthen your brain's capacity for memory and understanding. Your inquisitiveness can condition your brain for a lifetime of infinite learning. That's probably what Albert Einstein meant when he said, "It is not that I'm so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer."

When we give in to our thirst to learn, we can discover amazing things. And just like the ever-expanding, mysterious universe, there is always knowledge waiting to be sought and applied. In fact, the possibility of learning is so infinite that researchers are now discovering the "old dog" adult brain is capable of loading up on plenty of "new tricks." Equipped with no limits to what can be uncovered, what will you learn today?

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