How Does Bug Soup Become A Butterfly?

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One of the first things you learned in science class was likely the life cycle of a butterfly—especially the process known as metamorphosis. First, an egg hatches into a caterpillar. Then, the caterpillar becomes a pupa. Finally, a butterfly emerges from its cocoon. This seems pretty straightforward, but what the heck is happening in that cocoon? Doesn't it seem like a pretty big leap from worm-like pupa to beautiful butterfly? Uncover this seemingly magical transformation in the following video, then learn more about the butterfly.

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What Happens to A Pupa While It's Bug Soup

Learn how a pupa's protein-rich goo transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

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Moths vs. Butterflies

There are plenty of differences between moths and butterflies, from their abdomens to their antennae.

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The Physics Of Butterfly Flight

Their survival lies in the turn of their wings.

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