How Do Your Family's Genetics Affect You?

Have you ever wondered why your hair is blonde, but your brother's is brown? Or why the fact that your parents are left-handed diabetics it's likely you will be too? And why do so many families have an abundance of twins? It's because the fascinating world of genetics dictates the unique imprint each family will leave on this earth. Families tend to acquire the traits of their ancestors and relatives because of the shared DNA—or genetic make-up—they pass down to one another.

But what are the chances of a genetic mutation influencing a family member's DNA? If your parents exhibit certain traits, are you instantly doomed or just medically predisposed? Check out these videos to learn more about the tricky science behind your genetic recipe.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Assortative mating refers to how people tend to couple with individuals who are similar in genetics, behavior, and appearance. 00:42

  2. People born in the same geographical area are more likely to marry and share genetic markers. 01:11

  3. Education level is at least partially tied to genetic makeup. 01:33

Written by Curiosity Staff June 4, 2014

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