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How Do You Recycle Used Road Signs? With A Sculpture Garden, Of Course.

If you take a road trip down Smock Highway in Meadville, Pennsylvania, you'll pass strip malls, more strip malls, then—wait for it—a quarter-mile of colorful used road signs depicting Pennsylvania's landscape. That kaleidoscopic roadside attraction is known as the PennDOT Road Sign Sculpture Garden. Recycling is cool, friends.

Roadside Pennsylvania

This roadside oddity is located on the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation building, hence the PennDOT in its name. (One nickname is "Read Between the Signs," our personal favorite.) According to Atlas Obscura, art students from local Allegheny College teamed up with DOT employees "who had a few extra road signs on their hands." Their decade-long project resulted in a "recycled metal homage" of the Pennsylvania landscape.

Follow The Signs

Among other sites, expect to see waves made from blue hospital signs, a barn made of red stop signs, a flower garden aptly named "Signs and Flowers," (the first project to be completed), a 3D hot air balloon, and even a ferris wheel that you can spin by hand.

Ironically, it's unclear if an actual sign for the sculpture garden itself exists, but you can't miss it. The mural begins at the PennDOT Maintenance Building and stretches for 1200 feet. Let's go!

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Written by Curiosity Staff May 25, 2017

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