How Do You Pronounce Phuket? (And Other Commonly Mispronounced Places)

It's hard to deny the beauty of Phuket, Thailand. But for most people, it's just as hard to pronounce the name of the city correctly. Plenty of people say "foo-KET" when really it should be pronounced "poo-GET." The list of commonly mispronounced places starts there and goes on and on. Here are some of the more popular examples that people consistently seem to miss:

Cannes, in France, has no "s" sound, so it's pronounced just like "can." Bangkok isn't pronounced how an English speaker would phonetically assume, but is instead "BONG-gawk." A popular way to pronounce Beijing in China is with a "z" sound for the "j," when really it should be pronounced "bay-JING." The country Iraq has seen a variety of pronunciations, but the correct one is "ee-ROCK," not "eye-RACK." Watch the video below for more examples.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Common misprounciations of "barbed wire" include "bob wire" and "barb wire." 03:05

  2. The technically correct pronunciation of "clothes" has the "th" sound, not just pronounced as "close." 05:12

  3. The technically correct pronunciation of "forte" (not the musical term) is "fort." 09:56

Written by Curiosity Staff August 29, 2016

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