How Do You Pronounce Phuket? (And Other Commonly Mispronounced Places)

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It's hard to deny the beauty of Phuket, Thailand. But for most people, it's just as hard to pronounce the name of the city correctly. Plenty of people say "foo-KET" when really it should be pronounced "poo-GET." The list of commonly mispronounced places starts there and goes on and on. Here are some of the more popular examples that people consistently seem to miss:

Cannes, in France, has no "s" sound, so it's pronounced just like "can." Bangkok isn't pronounced how an English speaker would phonetically assume, but is instead "BONG-gawk." A popular way to pronounce Beijing in China is with a "z" sound for the "j," when really it should be pronounced "bay-JING." The country Iraq has seen a variety of pronunciations, but the correct one is "ee-ROCK," not "eye-RACK." Watch the video below for more examples.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Common misprounciations of "barbed wire" include "bob wire" and "barb wire." 03:05

  2. The technically correct pronunciation of "clothes" has the "th" sound, not just pronounced as "close." 05:12

  3. The technically correct pronunciation of "forte" (not the musical term) is "fort." 09:56

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