How Do You Know Your Dog Really Loves You?

You can't exactly ask your dog if they love you and expect a black-or-white answer. Luckily, neuroscientist and author Gregory Burns has identified ways for you to test if your dog really loves you. With a team of researchers from Emory University, Burns looked at dogs' brains with an MRI and identified parts that are associated with positive emotions. Without an MRI, Burns says you can tell your dog loves you if it: cuddles with you after meals, sleeps with you, is happy when you come home, and has love reciprocated by you.

Five Ways to Know Your Dog Loves You

These behaviors are some of the ways your dog shows his or her affection towards you

Does Your Dog Know What You're Thinking?

Have you ever wondered if your dog can sense how you're feeling?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Dogs tend to process verbal meanings through the left side of their brains. 01:52

  2. Dogs are the only non-primates who actively seek out and establish eye contact with humans. 03:49

5 Amazing Things Dogs Can Sense


Key Facts In This Video

  1. Cancer cells produce waste products that give off a noticeable odor for dogs. 01:21

  2. Dogs seem to be able to sense when someone's blood-sugar levels are low or about to drop dangerously. 03:11

  3. When afraid, humans sweat, produce adrenaline, and emit pheromones, all of which dogs are able to detect. 05:35

Written by Curiosity Staff February 6, 2016

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