How Do Bugs Survive The Winter?

How Do Bugs Survive The Winter?

When winter hits, people generally turn up the heat and stay inside. Many other mammals hibernate, and birds fly to warmer climates. But what about insects? How do they keep living in freezing temperatures? Find out in the video below.

How Do Insects Survive The Winter?

They've got some pretty impressive tools to help keep them alive.

Where Do Birds Go In Winter?

You've always heard they "fly south" for the winter. But where, exactly?


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How Bears Hibernate

Get the 411 on how and why bears hibernate during the winter.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    Hibernation is different for each species of animal. (0:54)

  • 2

    Bears don't urinate, eat or drink during hibernation. (1:46)

  • 3

    A black bear's body temperature and heart rate both decrease significantly during extended periods of rest and inactivity. (2:19)

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