How Do Beekeepers Calm Bees?

How Do Beekeepers Calm Bees?

Ever wonder how beekeepers are able to work around tens of thousands of swarming honeybees at once? Firstly, a bee veil is crucial. Secondly, smoking the bees makes handling them manageable. Although the smoking technique has been around for thousands of years, we still don't know the full extent of its effects on bees. We do know that pumping hives full of smoke calms the bees for a few reasons: it masks the pheromones of the guard bees that would excite the hive, and motivated bees to start feeding because the smoke warns them of a nearby fire for which they would have to evacuate the hive.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    A bee veil is one of the essential items for beekeepers. (0:53)

  • 2

    Pumping smoke into beehives call down bees filled with honey. (1:05)

  • 3

    Thousands of bees cooperate in single hives. (1:59)

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