Curiosity Rover

How Did The Massive Curiosity Rover Safely Land On Mars?

The Curiosity Rover is about the size of a car, weighing in at nearly a ton. It measures almost 3m (10ft) long and 2.1m (7ft) tall. To safely land on the Martian surface, Curiosity required a new approach. The rover was lowered by tethers that extended from a sky crane. The other rovers that landed on Mars were small enough to just bounce down on the surface wrapped in airbags.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Mars Curiosity Rover is almost 10 feet long, and 7 feet tall. 00:04

  2. The Curiosity Rover entered the Martian atmosphere at about 13,000 mph (21,000 km/h). 00:49

  3. To land on Mars, the Curiosity Rover was lowered by tethers from a sky crane. 01:39

Written by Curiosity Staff August 26, 2015

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