How Did Latin Become A Dead Language?

How Did Latin Become A Dead Language?

Latin used to be spoken by as many people on earth as English is today. But now it doesn't have a single native speaker. Hear the story of why Latin experienced such a tremendous fall.

How Did Latin Die?

It's the basis for at least a half-dozen different modern languages, but it isn't spoken anywhere in modern-day life. Find out why.

How Do We Know What Latin Sounded Like?

Figuring out how to pronounce a dead language requires a bit of historical sleuthing.

Why Dying Languages Are Worth Saving

Latin isn't the world's only dead languageā€”more are dying every year.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    English, Mandarin, and other widespread languages are dominating as people learn them in order to assimilate into the global culture. (2:30)

  • 2

    Technology has also opened up new ways to preserve languages. (3:23)

  • 3

    A language survives if you have the choice to learn it. (5:29)

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