How Could 3D Printing Change the World?

If you thought printing would forever be confined to two-dimensional, flat surfaces like paper and postcards, think again. The world of printing has exploded in recent years with the emergence of advanced 3D printers that can take any ordinary project quite literally to the next level. This technology utilizes plastic and metals to turn computer-created visions into reality. So how exactly does it work? Watch these videos to learn more about the fascinating ways the world of 3D printing is changing life as we know it.

Will 3D Printing Change Everything?

How big will this technology get?

3D Printing And The Future Of Stuff

Where could 3D printing go in the future?

3D Printed "Smart" Clothing

Soon, you could be wearing 3D-printed technology.

3D Printed Guns Exist

See what it's like to shoot one.

Can You 3D Print Organs?

There's a whole body of problems that need to be solved before it happens, but it'd be a real game-changer.

Written by Curiosity Staff January 16, 2014

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