How Big Is A Giant Water Lily?

These lilies grow up to three meters in diameter (though typically they're closer to two). Their floating leaves look quite welcoming, but their undersides are covered in spines, which ward off fish and other predators. The leaves are also edged with upturned rims, presumably so that they don't grow on top of one another. A small child can sit comfortably on top of one of these lilies, and some reports say that they can hold up to 45 kg if the weight is evenly distributed.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The undersides of giant water lilies are covered with sharp spines that guard against hungry fish. 00:32

  2. Giant water lily leaves typically grow to almost two meters across. 01:33

  3. Giant water lily flowers attract beetles, then close their petals to trap the beetles inside for 24 hours. 02:59

Written by Curiosity Staff July 15, 2015

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