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How A Subscription Box Can Help You Save The Planet Without Even Trying

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It seems like every day, there's news about another product you use every day that's harming the environment. There are so many things that seem to damage the planet, in fact, that it can be tempting to just throw up your hands and admit defeat—one person can't possibly keep track of what's eco-friendly and what's not, after all. That's why a subscription service like The MightyFix by MightyNest is so handy. The monthly subscription service delivers a curated slate of eco-friendly products to you, taking the guesswork out of saving the planet.

When The Stakes Are High But Time Is Low

Like many people, it wasn't until they had their first child that Chris and Kristen Conn started really looking at the products they were using at home. They realized that many things, from the cleaning products under the sink to the diapers and toys they used with their baby, contained ingredients that posed potential harm. Of course, doing the research to separate scientific fact from fear-mongering fiction was no easy task—especially with the limited free time they had as new parents.

What they needed was a central source where they could turn to buy and learn about products that wouldn't harm people or the planet. Instead of wishing, they rounded up a few friends and started MightyNest. There, they did the research themselves and stocked their virtual shelves with non-toxic products that would be handy in any home. According to co-founder Kristen Conn, "All of the products we sell are free from known toxic ingredients such as: BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, melamine, formaldehyde, flame retardants, parabens and more."

Wool dryer balls help soften laundry without the chemicals and waste of dryer sheets.

Baby Step In A Box

The dream, Conn explains, is to have a place where people feel empowered to make changes in their lives, whether large or small, without judgment. The company's monthly subscription service, The MightyFix, might be the perfect embodiment of this goal: instead of making you go out and get replacements for the traditional sandwich bags, plastic bottles, and cleaning products you use every day, the monthly shipment brings alternatives to you.

As Tiffany Terczak of Don't Waste The Crumbs puts it, "what I like best about the MightyFix is that you don't have to decide what change to make next...It's literally a ready-to-go baby step in a box." For example, instead of fretting over whether or not your fabric softener is harmful, you may just receive a pack of all-natural wool dryer balls—step taken, mind eased. Instead of wondering whether aluminum foil is really more eco-friendly than plastic wrap, you might receive a pack of eco-friendly and sustainable Bee's Wrap. And instead of feeling guilty about how many sandwich bags you use every week, a shipment of reusable Lunchskins will solve the problem before you ever have to think about it. The $10 subscription price gets you a monthly box of products guaranteed to be worth at least $10, so it's not even an extra expense—just an easier way to take steps toward a more eco-friendly life.

Curiosity is proud to spotlight companies like MightyNest that make living green easier than ever. A subscription to The Mightyfix is $10 per month, and every month, subscribers receive a box worth at least $10, and often more. With the code CURIOUSFIX, you can get your first fix for just $3. Use this link and the code will be automatically applied to your cart.

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Written by Curiosity Staff June 1, 2017

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