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Horned Lizards Will Squirt You With Blood From Its Eyes

The horned lizard has a fun talent. Though it doesn't have a strategic hunting method for snatching up harvester ants, it does have a unique form of self-defense. Thin blood vessels around the eye of the lizard rupture under pressure to squirt streams of blood at predators. Yes, this little guy will blast you with streams of blood shooting out of its eyeballs. Besides startling the attacker, the blood also contains canine repellent chemicals to ward off predators like the coyote. And you thought the "horned" part would be scariest, didn't you?

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This Blood-Squirting Lizard Will Freak You Out

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The known aliases of the horned lizard include the horned frog and the horny toad, but it's not an amphibian. 00:13

  2. Horned lizards do not have hunting strategies; they simply lap up harvester ants. 00:39

  3. The self-defense mechanism of the horned lizard is to shoot blood from its eyes. 01:11

Meet The Horned Lizard

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Written by Curiosity Staff August 20, 2015

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