Here's Why The Enternship Only Hires Older Women

Imagine going into a job interview with decades of knowledge and experience and being turned down for that very reason. That's the struggle of millions of older women who are trying to enter new careers, whether because they've taken time off to raise children or they're simply tired of their corporate jobs. Founded by Dara Kaplan and Gwen Wunderlich of the P.R. firm Wunderlich Kaplan Communications, The Enternship seeks to give women over 40 the training they need to put their substantial experience to work in a new field. The first class of enterns included a lawyer, a former CNN producer, a graphic designer, and a stay-at-home mom. This goes to show the diversity of the older women who experience these career struggles, but also the similarities: almost all of them were working mothers. The program teaches cutting-edge skills in public relations and social media, the latter of which is an especially sore point when it comes to older members of the workforce. In the end, the Enternship's founders hope to create a movement that leads businesses to hire more talented women, regardless of their age. Hear more about the struggles of older women with the videos below.

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Written by Curiosity Staff August 22, 2016

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