Here's Why Cameras Really Do Add 10 Pounds

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Have you ever noticed that you look a little heftier on camera? There's actually a reason for this. It comes down to the way a camera lens is built, with a little sprinkling of your own self perception. Watch the video below to learn more.

Does The Camera Really Add Ten Pounds?

You're just not used to seeing yourself that way.

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What Causes Red Eye In Photos?

It's not demon possession, don't worry.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. When you see a blue shirt, you're really seeing the shirt reflecting blue wavelengths of light while it absorbs other wavelengths. 00:31

  2. Retinas contain as many as 107 million photosensitive cells to obtain messages from light. 00:55

  3. Red eye in photos is merely a glimpse at the blood vessels inside your eyes. 01:06

The Science Behind A Selfie

There's a whole lot going on behind that tap of a smartphone.

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