Here's the Smartest Way to Pack Your Gadgets for Vacation

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Travelling can be so much fun ... and so much stress. Packing your bags, getting to the airport on time, paying unexpected baggage fees — it all gets old pretty quick. But what you really don't want to do is end up at your tropical destination only to realize you left all your chargers plugged in at home. Here's how you can strategize your electronics packing to make sure you get from Point A to Point Ahhhh with all of your gear and none of the frustration.

Protect Ya Tech

Before you even make it to your vacation destination, you've got to make it to the car, to the plane, and to baggage claim. Those are a lot of stress points where gadgets could be cracked, broken, left behind, or even stolen. Fortunately, there are a few packing tips you can use to prevent the worst from happening. The first? Get a bag that's built for the job. If you're like us, you avoid checked luggage fees by cramming everything in a carry-on. In that case, take a look at the SwissGear 1900, a gear-friendly backpack with room for basically any laptop with up to a 17-inch screen. It's also loaded with tons of internal and external pockets for accessories, and built to slide through security checkpoints with ease.

Sometimes, avoiding checked luggage just isn't an option. If you've got to slip your laptop, tablet, digital camera, or another piece of expensive technology into your suitcase, keep a couple of things in mind. First, hard-case luggage will protect your stuff better than a soft suitcase or duffel bag. Second, do what you can to keep that technology separated and secure. That means putting your laptop in one case, your camera in another, and anything else that's hard, heavy, and expensive in its own place as well. One way to do that without spending an arm and a leg on several different cases is with a set of packing cubes that keep everything separate.

The packing cubes will help you save space, and so will other strategies such as wrapping all your cords up with rubber bands. But that will also make it easy to identify everything you've packed. Economical packing often means your gadgets are in for a tight squeeze, and if your bag happens to be selected for a closer inspection, that might go badly. A security agent rifling through a densely packed bag in search of attention-grabbing items (like laptops and tablets tend to be) might leave your bag woefully disorganized when you need to be rushing for the gate. Make life easier on both of you — put the tech in an easy-to-spot, easy-to-access place.

What to Bring, What to Leave

Portable charger: Here's one you're almost definitely going to want to bring. Heck, even if you're just going to the office, you'll probably want to grab it just in case. The good news is that this Anker+ PowerCore is the size of a tube of lipstick, so it won't take much of your valuable luggage real estate.

Extra Cables: Will you ever regret bringing extra cables along? Probably not — and who knows what could happen. The only question is, do you need a standard USB micro, USB-C, or lightning cable?

Universal Adapter: You won't need this for every trip, but if you do, chances are it will pay off to pick one up ahead of time. You don't want to be caught having to buy one at the airport, where they mark up the prices for people who don't have another choice.

Nest Protect: Here's a must-have item you'll definitely want to leave at home. The Nest Protect smoke and CO2 detector runs on six AA Duracell batteries and integrates with your Nest system to give you peace of mind. Even if you're relaxing on the beach halfway around the world, you can just check the Nest app on your phone to make sure your house is still calamity-free.

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Written by Reuben Westmaas September 28, 2018
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