Here Is What's Living On Your Contact Lenses

Don't freak out-but your contact lenses may one day spread a deteriorating infection to your cornea. The infection in question is called microbacterial keratitis, and it is an infection of the clear layer on your eyeball. Bacteria, fungi, amoebas, or viruses like herpes can cause keratitis, and your contact lenses can help foster it by trapping the stuff on your cornea. If bad enough, keratitis can cause blindness. Luckily, only about 0.2% of people who wear contact lenses for extended periods of time are affected.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The most serious problem caused by contact lens is called microbial keratitis. 00:25

  2. Bacteria, fungi, amoebas, and viruses can all cause the corner infection microbacterial keratitis. 00:34

  3. Microbial keratitis only affects about 0.2% of people who wear contact lenses on an extended basis. 02:40

Written by Curiosity Staff March 15, 2016

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