Help the UN Foundation's Nothing But Nets Campaign End Malaria

Malaria is one of the top five causes of death in sub-Saharan Africa, and that's almost even more tragic when you realize how easy it is to prevent. Now is the perfect time to donate an anti-malarial net to a person in need — and if you do it through Nothing But Nets, your donation will be doubled.

A Global Crisis

If you don't live in the areas it affects, it's likely that malaria rarely crosses your mind. But consider this: every two minutes, a child dies of malaria. What's more, a full 50 percent of the world is at risk of contracting the disease. In 2016, 216 million people around the globe contracted malaria, and 455,000 ultimately died from it. Approximately 70 percent of these victims were children. Sub-Saharan Africa faces the greatest threat of malaria, but the disease can be found all around the world.

Although those statistics can sound dire, we're actually winning the war on malaria. Not too long ago, a child succumbed the disease every 30 seconds instead of every two minutes. In some countries, like the Dominican Republic, we might be able to eliminate the disease as soon as 2020. Still, while pharmaceutical solutions have been instrumental in stopping malaria, nothing is as effective as preventing it in the first place. That's why it's so important that people in malaria-stricken areas protect themselves with an insecticidal bed net to keep disease-carrying mosquitos at bay.

This Solution's Full of Holes (in a Good Way)

Can a net over your bed really do that much to prevent the spread of malaria? In a word, yes. In two words, emphatically yes. In fact, according to Against Malaria, a net is bar-none the most effective method of preventing the disease. The risk of contracting malaria from a mosquito begins at dusk and only gets worse, so protective nets can slow the spread of the disease in a major way. That's where the UN Foundation Nothing But Nets comes in. It only costs $10 to purchase and deliver a life-saving bed net and educate the recipient on its proper use, then these nets can last for years to come. And better yet, the organization will match your donation to double the impact. All the more reason to donate now.

The nets aren't a short-term fix, either. In fact, they've been found to remain as much as 99 percent effective even if they start to tear and develop holes — mosquitos don't beeline for the net's weakness, and they'll give up if they can't immediately find a way through. So when you donate a net to a family in need, you're providing a solution that could last for years to come.

Malaria: How Do You Eradicate an Infectious Disease With No Vaccine?

Written by Reuben Westmaas November 15, 2017

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