Have You Spotted Any Of These Striking Cloud Formations?

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Unsurprisingly, lenticular clouds have caused a fair amount of false UFO sightings. They have the unnerving ability to stay hovering in place, even when there's wind. Polar stratospheric clouds are some of the highest on Earth, and, true to their name, they form close to the poles. The humongous anvil clouds may look awesome, but they have the potential to be dangerous-they can contribute to supercells, thunderstorms known to produce tornadoes and hail stones the size of tennis balls.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Cirrus radiatus clouds appear to converge at one point on the horizon, but are in fact parallel to one another. 01:01

  2. Morning glory clouds are roll clouds that most often occur in northern Australia. 02:22

  3. Polar stratospheric clouds are beautifully colorful, but harmful to the ozone layer. 04:56

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