Have You Heard Of These Interesting Phobias?

Many people think phobias are just fears, but they're actually more serious than that. A phobia is an anxiety disorder defined as a long-lasting fear of an object or situation. For example, if you're anxious before a big test or a public speaking engagement, that isn't a phobia. But if you live in fear of speaking in public, or even speaking in general, and go to great lengths to avoid it, then you might be suffering from glossophobia. Someone with a phobia will go to great lengths in order to keep away from the object or situation in question -- often lengths that may seem irrational to most people. Some phobias you may not have heard of: hylophobia, the fear of trees or forests; ombrophobia, the fear of rain; and myrmecophobia, the fear of ants.

Written by Curiosity Staff November 13, 2015

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