Have You Ever Played Fetch With Your Goldfish?

Having the memory of a goldfish would actually be an upgrade for most other fish. Goldfish have been noted to remember things they are taught up to a year later, and will anticipate food if they are fed consistently at a certain time of day. Memory aside, goldfish are smarter than you may realize. Researchers have trained these fish to play fetch, push levers, do the limbo, and play a form of soccer. They can also recognize their owners, and can even pick a favorite (usually the one who feeds them). Goldfish have also exhibited signs of trust toward their masters, and will sometimes hide in the presence of strangers.

Why You Should Never Leave a Goldfish in a Small Fish Bowl Alone

Your household pet is smarter than you think.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Researchers have successfully taught goldfish how to play fetch, push levers, do the limbo, and play a form of soccer. 00:26

  2. Goldfish have been shown to be able to recognize their masters, as well as pick a favorite. 00:47

  3. Researchers have taught carp to distinguish between classical music and blues music. 02:11

The "3-Second Memory" Myth

Why do goldfish get such a bad rep?

Why Are Giant Goldfish In Lake Tahoe?

It's part of a pet dumping problem across the world.

Written by Curiosity Staff December 17, 2015

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