Has The Identity Of The Artist Banksy Been Revealed?

The mysterious artist known only as Banksy has marked the streets of England with his politically charged graffiti for years. But no one knows the true identity of the street artist -- until now, perhaps. Scientists at the Queen Mary University of London claim they have identified the famously elusive artist by using a scientific tracking method used to catch serial criminals. The technique, called geographic profiling, helped the researchers identify Banksy as Robin Gunningham. Geographic profiling compared the spots where Banksy has created art against public information about Gunningham's location. Researchers believe the spots matched up well enough to prove Banksy is Gunningham. These researchers set out on this investigation in order to prove a broader potential of geographic profiling, which is a sophisticated form of statistical analysis that may have many applications. We've collected some awesome videos on this topic. Watch them now to learn more.

Banksy identity revealed

Written by Curiosity Staff August 1, 2016

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