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Guide to Life After College Graduation

If you thought life after high school would might be a strange and scary place, then your bubble might be about to burst. Although people gain new insights, experiences and perspectives through everyday life, graduating college is an opportunity for people to reach a level of independence and responsibility perhaps not yet experienced. The pressure to score a job in competitive markets, find a partner in life, and of course, be happy, can seem a bit overwhelming—or downright impossible. However terrifying, these tumultuous times may very well end up defining who you are.

The years after college graduation are often roller-coaster rides of success and failure. The first time you negotiate a salary, your first apartment with a dishwasher, and the first time you can apply a classroom lesson to real life will be memorable snapshots in this next chapter of your life. These videos will show you what to expect and how to get by after getting your degree.

Written by Curiosity Staff May 14, 2014

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