Grinders Hack Their Own Bodies By Implanting Tech Under The Skin

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Grinders. Biohackers. Transhumanists. These words encompass movements that aim to augment and improve the human body with technology, creating real cyborgs. Grinders are on the more anarchical end of the transhumanist spectrum, and they have a penchant for body modification. One popular procedure is placing a small magnet beneath the skin of your finger. Not only does this implant mean that you can attract other magnets using only your flesh-it also imparts a "sixth sense," enabling you to "feel" the electromagnetic fields in your microwave or the power lines outside your house. Such operations are not without their risks, however. Your body could reject the magnet, and anesthetic or help from a hospital is thus far not part of the package. Ben Popper, a reporter for the Verge, had a magnet implanted by a grinder for a story, and said that the pain "ranked alongside breaking my arm and having my appendix removed."

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. "Grinders" biohack their bodies with implants to gain new abilities. 00:03

  2. Grinder Amal Graafstra has been biohacking himself for more than 10 years, and has several scars from past experiments. 01:01

  3. Neil Harbisson is the world's first person to have an antenna implanted in his skull. 02:08

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