Go On A Dinosaur Dig With Robert T. Bakker

To the extent that there's such a thing as a celebrity paleontologist, Dr. Robert T. Bakker is it. You'll even hear a shoutout to him in the 1993 movie Jurassic Park, of which he was one of the chief consultants. In 1986, he shook up the dinosaur-loving world with his book The Dinosaur Heresies, one of the first, serious arguments that at least some dinosaurs were warm-blooded. Today, that hypothesis widespread and largely accepted. But what really sets Dr. Bakker apart is his ability to convey his theories and findings in a compelling, relatable way—even if you don't know the first thing about dinosaurs. Want proof? Just check out his novel Raptor Red, probably the most accurate thriller to feature a dinosaur in the lead role. See what this luminary is like in the field, or check out some of his peers like fellow Jurassic Park-alum Jack Horner, below.

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Written by Curiosity Staff May 11, 2017

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