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Glow Tracks Your Energy Consumption for Cheaper Bills and Healthier Homes

Is there anything worse than getting floored by your electricity bill at the end of the month? Maybe the knowledge that it could have been avoided if you just hadn't left that space heater running all weekend when you were out of town. Enter Glow. This simple-looking device keeps track of your energy consumption, and helps you plan your usage to help your bill (and, incidentally, save the planet).

Shining a Light on Energy Waste

Think of Glow as a traffic light for your electricity usage. Because, well, that's pretty much what it is. You put the sleek, egg-shaped monitor somewhere where you can easily see and let its soft glow tell you if you're being energy thrifty (green), using more than is ideal (amber and orange), or buzzing directly into wasteful territory (red).

That data is based on what you tell it — plug in your goal for what you'd like to spend on electricity for the month, and a green Glow means you're right on track. And if there's ever a spike in energy usage that goes on for longer than Glow expects, it'll let you know. It could mean you left your refrigerator door open or some other easy-to-miss mistake.

Meanwhile, if you want more detail than a four-point color scale can offer, Glow connects to your smartphone to keep you in the know. Want a prediction of what your bill will be? Glow's got it. Want to track exactly when your highest spikes are? Glow's got it. Want to see if the kids turned on all the lights while you're still at work? Oh yeah, Glow can help you figure that out, too.

A Simple Setup

You don't need an electrical engineering degree to install Glow in your house. Actually, you don't even need to open up your meter. All you need to do is install the sensor above the meter box (although it's not compatible with everyone's setup — find yours here). By detecting the electromagnetic energy flowing through the meter, it can accurately monitor energy usage without having to be looped into the circuit. And as for the device itself, it eats up less energy than a single LED bulb.

Glow, the Smart Energy Tracker

Written by Reuben Westmaas September 22, 2017

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