Global Warming Is Changing What We Love About Autumn

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As temperatures become warmer across the globe, autumn is increasingly thrown out of whack. Once the reliably chilly transition period between spring and winter, this season is losing the cold snaps that help to bring out reds and oranges in the leaves. Harvest times for crops are shifting, and even the trees themselves have begun to "migrate" north, away from the unprecedented heat.

Fall As You Know It Is Disappearing

Find out what global warming is doing to colorful leaves and autumnal crops.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Warmer weather can cause leaves to die sooner and dull their colors. 01:17

  2. Climate change could cause pumpkins to ripen and get harvested earlier in the year. 02:17

  3. Since 1982, the growing season has extended by two weeks. 03:02

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Hear the science behind all those reds, oranges, and yellows.

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25 Alarming Facts About Global Warming

Global warming has consequences you may not have even considered.

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