Ghost Towns: What Are They And How Did They Get That Way?

A once-populated and functioning town can become a ghost town for a host of reasons. In the American West, most ghost towns are desolate due to the death of gold mines. Some ghost towns have violent backstories, while others are complete mysteries. Some you are allowed to visit, others forbid outsiders. But no matter the rules or the history, visiting a ghost town isn't for the faint of heart.

10 Ghost Towns That Might Be Too Creepy To Visit

Only the bravest should dare check out these spots.

5 Ghost Towns You're Allowed To Visit

Road trip, anyone?

Ghost Towns Of The American West

When the gold mines died, so did these towns.

4 Of The World's Coolest Ghost Towns

All but ten people in the now-desolate Centralia, Pennsylvania took the $42 million offer from the U.S. government to move out.

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