Galileo's Middle Finger In A Jar

You can see the real middle finger of Galileo Galilei in a museum in Florence, Italy. The finger was removed with two others by Anton Francesco Gori on March 12, 1737, which was 95 years after Galileo's death. Gori removed these three fingers because they were likely the three Galileo used to adjust his telescope.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Galileo's middle finger is in a glass case in a museum in Florence, Italy. 00:00

  2. There is a long tradition of preserving venerated individuals in Catholicism. 01:03

  3. Three of Galileo's fingers were snapped off 95 years after his death—the three fingers he used to adjust his telescope. 01:19

Written by Curiosity Staff September 22, 2015

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