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G-LOC: When G-Forces Are Too Strong For The Body

G-LOC: When G-Forces Are Too Strong For The Body

Pilots and astronauts both train to endure increased G-forces, and can be exposed to up to 9 G's during testing. G-LOC causes someone to lose consciousness for an average of 12 seconds, and remain disoriented when they wake. They may also have brief convulsions, vivid dreams, or complete amnesia afterwards. G-LOC can be fatal for a pilot flying at low altitude.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Pilots can train to endure strong G-forces in a specialized centrifuge. 00:09

  2. Pilots can experience more than 6 G's when they fly, or six times the force of gravity on Earth. 01:02

  3. An untrained person would probably pass out if they experienced between 4 and 6 G's. 02:35

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