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Friendship Is Good For Your Health

According to a 2010 study in PLOS Medicine, low social interaction is a risk factor for death, and can impact your longevity in startling ways. Through a meta-analysis of 148 studies, researchers found that social isolation can do as much harm as alcoholism or smoking, and even more harm than lack of exercise or obesity. The data suggested that maintaining connections with your social network can improve your chances of survival by 50%, regardless of your age.

The Dangers of Loneliness

Research shows that not having friends can seriously impact your health and survival.

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How to Make New Friends

Approaching new friends can feel awkward. Here's where to start.

How to Keep Your Friends

Once you have the pals you need, this is how to keep them around.

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How Many Friends Do You Need?

According to sociologist Robin Dunbar, our brain can only handle so many friends at once. Watch him discuss the magic number.

Even Imaginary Friends Will Improve Your Life

Wish you had more friends? Turns out even our make-believe buddies will improve our lives.

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Written by Curiosity Staff August 19, 2016