Forrest Fenn's Treasure Chest Hidden In The American West

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"Begin it where warm waters halt/And take it in the canyon down/Not far, but too far to walk/Put in below the home of Brown." These lines in millionaire Forrest Fenn's self-published book aren't just part of a poem—they're clues to the buried treasure.The eccentric former fighter pilot, archaeologist, and art dealer filled an ornate bronze box with gold and gemstones and hid it in the Rocky Mountains. All he's revealed of its whereabouts is that it's somewhere between Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Canadian border at an elevation above 5,000 feet, and that it's not in a mine, a graveyard, or near a structure. Beyond that, all of the clues are woven into the poetry of his book,"The Thrill of the Chase." Despite the great riches hidden in the chest, Fenn is eager for treasure hunters to search for it. He hid it in the midst of the Great Recession to get people out of their houses and into nature, and for tens of thousands of people, that's exactly what it's done.

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Written by Curiosity Staff August 10, 2016

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