Forget The Klein Bottle. Here's a Superbottle.

Like a Möbius strip, a Klein bottle is a non-orientable surface—that is, if you traveled all the way around it, you'd end up where you started but flipped upside down. As strange as it looks, non-orientable surfaces get even stranger. Learn about superbottles—and super-duper bottles—in the video below.

The Super Bottle

Professor Carlo Séquin explains principles of topology through bizarre shapes. (If you'd rather jump straight to the superbottle, it starts at 7:24).

Putting A Rubik's Cube In A Klein Bottle

It's easier than it looks.

Impossible Motion In 3D Shapes

These movements don't seem possible...until you see them from another angle.

Written by Curiosity Staff December 20, 2016

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