Food Stylists Have Plenty Of Tricks To Make Burgers In Ads Look Tasty

It's no secret that burgers in ads often barely resemble the ones delivered through the drive-thru window. For that, we have food stylists to thank. But how do they make burgers look so beautifully yummy? Contrary to popular belief, the food in ads isn't a strange combination of inedible materials styled to look delicious. Legally, the main ingredients of the foods in an ad have to be the same ones as in the actual product. This means a salad is actually lettuce, and a burger really shows a juicy beef patty. But food stylists do have some tricks up their sleeves.

Burgers in advertisements are the real deal, but with subtle tweaks. For example, all of the toppings — pickles, onion slivers, lettuce — are pushed to the front to be more visible. And since those toppings have to be real, the food stylists have to go digging to find the most photogenic options. The cheese is laid on cold, and the corners are melted down with a hot palette knife. All of this front-heavy topping application makes the burger super lopsided, so food stylists then prop up the back of the bun. Once the burger is assembled with toppings and bun, condiments are squirted into the crannies with a syringe. Watch the whole process in action in the video below.

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Written by Curiosity Staff September 23, 2016

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