Outer Space

Float Through The International Space Station In Ultra-HD

It's fun to talk about what life is like for astronauts—What do they eat? How do they sleep? What's it like to brush your teeth in space?—but knowing what the experience is really like is something completely different. To give people a first-person view of our planet's space station, NASA released this stunning, 4K quality footage. Sit back and take a floating tour of the place our astronauts call home.

Space Station Fly Through

We recommend taking a break and watching this in full screen to get the full effect.

How Do Astronauts Shave In Space?

Water acts very differently in microgravity.

How Do Astronauts Go To The Bathroom In Space?

You know you were wondering.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The first space flights were so short that there was no need to give astronauts a way to use the bathroom. This required one astronaut to pee in his own suit during a delayed takeoff. 00:26

  2. By Apollo 11, NASA had developed a containment system that astronauts wore under their suits. For space shuttles, they developed high-tech diapers that are still worn today. 01:48

  3. Today, astronauts use space toilets that require them to pee into a tube that vents urine into space, where it turns into gas. Solid waste is also sucked away, but stored until the return to earth. 02:19

How Do Astronauts Exercise In Space?

Gravity is kind of important when it comes to working out.

Written by Curiosity Staff November 1, 2016

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